Press Release: Steam Announcement

April 7, 2021


Coffee Stain Publishing and Easy Trigger’s critically-renowned action shooter Huntdown is coming to Steam on May 12th, armed to the teeth with a new game mode and online multiplayer!

SKÖVDE, Sweden – April 7, 2021: Coffee Stain Publishing and Easy Trigger Games have today announced that Huntdown will be coming to Steam on May 12th with a kick-ass new update. Steam players will have exclusive first access to the new Arcade game mode dropping on the same date, and fight crime with friends online with Steam Remote Play.

This new way to enjoy Huntdown brings the much-loved competitive experience of old school arcades to players everywhere. The new score-based game mode sees players face off on the global leaderboard for top spot, by completing missions in the most creatively violent way possible! Multi-kills; quickdraw weapon-swap bonuses; screaming bloody murder as you kick criminals off a rooftop; these will all add up as players compete for the title of apex bounty hunter. In addition to the regular chaos, players will be facing the hordes with a range of over-the-top weapons trying to collect as many bounties as possible against the clock.

Shortlisted at the SXSW Awards in the ‘Excellence in Multiplayer’ category, Huntdown’s multiplayer mode offers players elbow-banging, joystick-jamming arcade experience at home. Exclusively for the Steam community, players will now be able to enjoy this with friends remotely, with the Remote Play Together feature.

For those yet to play Huntdown, it is an old-school arcade inspired shooter with a modern, tactical twist. Players battle through a dystopian, cyberpunk future as one of three unique bounty hunters, pumping lead and thousands of one liners into criminals as they traverse the beautifully hand painted 16-bit pixel art backdrop. Players can run, slide, and take cover as bullets fly around them, jump-kick enemies in the air, and take them out with an insane variety of murderous combinations.

Alone or in pairs, players can enjoy fluid action-packed 60-FPS gameplay, and an epic 80s soundtrack pumping dark wave, industrial synth, hard rock and electro through 20 unique levels.

“We have been blown away by the passion the Steam community has had for our game since launch, and we are pumped to be bringing Huntdown to the platform with some awesome new features. The new competitive features open up all sorts of opportunities for rip-roaring chaos, and we can’t wait to let players across all platforms get their hands on it!”

Tommy Gustafsson, Director and Co-Founder of Easy Trigger

“Huntdown is a perfect example of what the Coffee Stain community has come to expect from us — a great game created by an incredibly passionate team. The glowing reviews Huntdown received last year really speak for themselves, and this latest update gives fans even more to get excited about.”

Albert Säfström, CEO of Coffee Stain Publishing

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