Inside the Box

Founded in late 2016, Easy Trigger Games are the developers behind the arcade shooter Huntdown®. The founders of the company consist of two passionate geeks, Tommy Gustafsson and Andreas Rehnberg, both of which have been raised in front of Commodore computers. The studio is located in the cold and bitter city of Trollhättan, Sweden.

Our ambition is to make entertainment experiences that are highly enjoyable. The key is elaborate ideas through well-designed games. We leave nothing to chance. When thinking outside the box is becoming the norm, our model is to combine proven gameplay elements that we know makes a magnificent experience. The inside of the box is rich and filled with treasures.



Ideas evolve side by side. We don´t believe in hierarchies or closed doors, we believe in a collectivist approach. We are convinced that a small guerrilla team of awesome developers is the key to the otherwise impenetrable gateways to pure magic.
We love what we do and are deeply committed to it.

( Oh, and we want to Make the World a Better Place... )

Andreas Rehnberg


Multitalented like Leonardo da Vinci and humble like Dalai Lama, this is the company whiz kid. Huntdown with its entire engine and brilliantly written AI is thoroughly coded by this man's hand. Andreas perceive the world in green numbers and digits. He has mastered the Matrix.

Tommy Gustafsson


The guy behind the story, graphics, concept, music and overall style of Huntdown. Tommy is beyond passionate about his brainchild, he is now desperately struggling to keep his sanity. It has become an impetus that poisons his twisted mind, urging him to realize his vision. Pixel by pixel.

Marcus Jerner


Behold the creature of the night. Left-handed. Color blind. Extremely intelligent. Marcus unfold supernatural powers when holding a pencil – the design is pure wizardry. His main responsibility is to design levels and draw graphics, but Marcus is also behind the gameplay flow. Not even a gunshot wound in the guts would keep this powerful steed from doing his job.



Let us introduce you to our own Gilfoyle. This young stud already ooze of programing experience. His genius shocked us by going from prospect to full blood bruiser in just a couple of months. Svante is super-fast, strikingly smart and with an Italian temper to match. A perfect fit for the Easy Trigger team. His magic lays behind some of the most punishing bosses in Huntdown.

Olof Ejstes &
Christopher Malmqvist


We are fortunate to present no less than two grand sound designers working with the SFX in Huntdown.
Olof: Calm as Iceman. Would keep his cool even when flying a F-14 down a volcano. Creates extremely complex psytrance in his spare time. 
Christopher: An ambient producer and overall creative wild child. Knows everything about audio engineering.