Community Manager

Or... Social Media Guru

Or... a proactive exuberant individual that does not write boring and unengaging sentences like this one... (you see, we need help by someone charismatic like yourself.) Let’s just call it an experienced and passionate Community Manager. The position is part-time, or as part of another development role within the team like graphic designer, gameplay designer or such.

Your main responsibilities will be identifying and activating relevant communities via forums, social media, live streams, and other available channels. We have tonnes of super-exciting things going on and we like to share it with our players and be seen everywhere. Most of the time it means having fun, showcasing content from our games and studio, and working together with a committed and creative team that will always have your back.


You will run and maintain our social channels with the goal to make them grow and flourish. Establish a long-term plan in building a relationship with our audience throughout the different channels. You plan your community initiatives in alignment with the overall marketing plan as well as development schedules. You have continuous contact with our marketing agency and are syncing updates, press releases and news with them. You will be given full access to some of the coolest content on this planet.

  • Develop a healthy community
  • Engage our community via forums, live streams, social media channels, and other available platforms
  • Craft and execute on a community plan in close collaboration with marketing and developers
  • Setting the right expectations to ensure community communication is reflecting what the game is
  • Collect, organize, and escalate community feedback to the dev team
  • Act as the voice of the game towards the community
  • Engage in dialogue and answer questions (where appropriate)
  • Write up statements, patch notes, copy for the website, etc. on behalf of the game
  • Fool around as you please, but stay on topic

About you

You are social, friendly, inclusive and naturally gifted in writing. You enjoy games and understand what players expect from our games. We’re a small team and each role comes with a lot of responsibility and a lot of creative freedom, so we expect you to be autonomous and a quick learner.

About Trollhättan

Trollhättan is a medium-sized city that is constantly growing with a rich university life, new innovative companies and expanding residential areas. Imagine your progress of approx. 4 hours gameplay in Simcity 3. Trollhättan is small enough for folks to have a pleasing dialect, but big enough to hold many good restaurants, bars and clubs with interesting artists/bands, cafes, cinemas and shops with everything you can think of. As well as a travel center with good connections, eg; 30 minutes train to Gothenburg and our own city airport with 45 minutes to Stockholm or Malmö.

Easy Trigger Games is located in the center of Trollhättan. We have all the restaurants and the beautiful canal with its green surroundings nearby. It never gets boring here. We try our best to do some fun stuff now and then, like playing games, go fishing or hunting ice bears with big rifles. We’re looking forward to having you onboard and you being part of shaping the studio as we’re constantly growing and evolving.

This is a permanent position based in Trollhättan, Sweden, and we rather see you working onsite though we are open to suggestions. We kindly ask you to apply with your CV and personal letter in English to this email: career@easytrigger.com

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  • Community management and/or social media management experience
  • Previous experience from community management within the video games industry.
  • Comfortable communicating with gamers online - must be comfortable working hands-on.
  • Understands video game culture
  • Excellent communication skills in spoken and written English
  • Basic Photoshop skills or/and video editing tools
  • Solution-oriented problem solver
  • Passionate about video games
We would love if you have one or more skills in additional areas of the game industry such as:
  • Graphic design
  • Gameplay- or Level design
  • Programming
  • Project Management
  • UI Design
  • Audio engineering