Wanted: Programmer

We're looking for...

... a driven programmer with passion for games. You have experience in game development, or have side projects to show. Working in a small team means close collaboration with designers and you will have many different tasks throughout projects. Bugs occur naturally, resolving them and learning from that is all part of being a programmer. We encourage you to contribute creatively to parts of the game outside your discipline - be it to participate in brainstorming meetings or give feedback on existing features.

Working at Easy Trigger Games means responsibility, freedom, and kindness, it’s very important that you should fit in such a role. We value an inclusive and creative environment where everyone is free to express themselves and have ideas, free of judgement.

About Trollhättan

Trollhättan is a medium-sized city that is constantly growing with a rich university life, new innovative companies and expanding residential areas. Imagine your progress of approx. 4 hours gameplay in Simcity 3. Trollhättan is small enough for folks to have a pleasing dialect, but big enough to hold many good restaurants, bars and clubs with interesting artists/bands, cafes, cinemas and shops with everything you can think of. As well as a travel center with good connections, eg; 30 minutes train to Gothenburg and our own city airport with 45 minutes to Stockholm or Malmö.

Easy Trigger Games is located in the center of Trollhättan. We have all the restaurants and the beautiful canal with its green surroundings nearby. It never gets boring here. We try our best to do some fun stuff now and then, like playing games, go fishing or hunting ice bears with big rifles. We’re looking forward to having you onboard and you being part of shaping the studio as we’re constantly growing and evolving.

We recommend that you apply asap; selection and interviews are held continuously. Send your application with a resumé and a personal letter in English to this email: career@easytrigger.com

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  • Experience with game development
  • Own game projects
  • Education
We would love if you:
  • Are fluent in spoken and written English
  • Have basic understanding of animation and timing
  • Have the ability to speak "design"
  • Are willing to listen, help and learn (Team player)
  • Are a nerd