Huntdown on the Horizon

November 4, 2019

Howdy pardner!

Long time no see! We just wanna say hello and tell ya that Huntdown’s coming along. We’re now working with polish, tweaks and overall gameplay balance. Some weeks ago we also had a local gameplay test session in single mode and co-op. Some few selected participants were filling the hall with grunts of agony over mean boss fights followed by joyous victory yells. Big thanks to all of you who attended. We also want to thank Innovatum Startup, N3 and House of Gamers.

About social medias

We get a lot of questions concerning our silence in social medias: … aaaaaaand nope! Game’s not canned.
We’re a small indie team working hard and we simply have to allocate our precious time for game development instead of managing social medias for the moment. No worries, we will give you news about the release date soon enough. Stay tuned for updates folks!